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If you’ve been in any kind of accident, whether a slip and fall, car accident or anything that caused you pain through no fault of your own… first call your insurance company and then call our office. Not only can we help you with non-invasive treatment of pain, but we can provide excellent referrals for other professional services you might need.



If You Have Been In An Automobile Accident

1. At the scene of the accident, get as much information as possible about the other driver. Get their name, address and insurance information. Get a copy of the police accident report, although it’s not always necessary for you to have a legal case.

2. Seek a medical evaluation even if you feel fine. There may have been serious damage internally, to your spinal cord, that isn’t immediately evident. Symptoms may show up weeks or months later and have longterm effects.

3. In Florida, it is a state law that every automobile driver carry PIP, Personal Injury Protection. This provides $10,000 towards medical care should you be hurt in an accident, EVEN IF THE ACCIDENT WAS YOUR FAULT. It’s yours; you’ve paid for it with your insurance premiums. You have every right to use it for medical treatment to feel better.

4. If pain or discomfort persist for more than a few days, get an evaluation by your chiropractor. Pain is an indicator that something is wrong and needs to be addressed immediately. The longer a spinal problem is allowed to persist, the more likely degenerative conditions can set in.

5. NEVER SETTLE WITH AN INSURANCE COMPANY WITHOUT BEING MEDICALLY EVALUATED BY A PROFESSIONAL. If you agree to a settlement with an insurance company before your care is completed, you can never file a claim towards that accident again, even if your condition persists for a lifetime. You’ll be left paying for your care out of pocket.

DON’T FORGET: If you have insurance, you are likely eligible for $10,000 in PIP (Personal Injury Protection).

DID YOU KNOW… It’s illegal for a lawyer to contact a prospective client within 60 days of an injury?

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