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You Are Your Best Health Advocate

You Are Your Best Health Advocate

Feeling Not Quite RightNobody knows what it’s like to be in YOUR body. Nobody can better describe how you feel than you. So, it should come as no surprise that YOU are your best health advocate.

So, what does that really mean? It means that when you KNOW something isn’t right in your body, you have to speak up. You have to seek the counsel of appropriate professionals who are trained in evaluating symptoms, diagnosing illness and recommending appropriate treatment. Often it can be appropriate to seek a second and even a third opinion. Doctors are only human and carry with them their experience, expertise and opinion. Often there is more than one way to tackle an issue. Check your options.

To advocate for your own healthcare is very important. Don’t settle for any pat answers. Don’t let any doctor tell you it’s all in your head. And, although drugs and surgery can be very helpful and indeed even necessary, that isn’t always the case. Non-surgical and drug-free options are almost always a viable option, or perhaps a combination thereof.

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